My Issues


This statement was not made lightly, nor was it intended as a 15-second soundbite or for political gain.

“I will oppose Trump”;

I am a diehard believer in our Republic, this United States of America, and have the utmost respect for all offices and officeholders, especially the Office of the President of the United States of America. While I acknowledge President Donald Trump as THE president of the United States of America, I disagree with and will always oppose the type of rhetoric and contempt Mr. Trump has used towards other people for political gain.

I will not repeat the rhetoric or contemptuous remarks; we have all heard it over and over again. Any person  seeking public office should show respect and compassion for all people. We are a nation of immigrants and a melting pot of diversity. This diversity makes us great, and anybody  seeking public office should always in actions and words strive to unite not divide.

I also believe that in my capacity as Governor of Texas that I must defend Texans against federal  overreach. When the federal government attempts to impose policies that harm Texans, we need a Governor that will defend Texas.

Greg Abbott will not oppose Trump on this issue.  I will.

“and his wall”;

We the people of the United States of America have a right to secure borders and have our immigration laws respected, and it is the job of the President of the United States to secure  our borders and to enforce the immigration laws passed by Congress. However, the massive wall proposed by candidate Trump, while it was a rallying point that helped him get elected,  is also an issue that affects Texas directly and is in reality a foolish notion.

I will agree that there are places along in our southern border where existing barriers or walls need to be upgraded, expanded or totally replaced. The list of the reasons why a massive wall from sea to shining sea along our southern border is a foolish notion is much too long to address, not  to mention the massive cost involved.

Modern-day technology such as satellites and drones to patrol and protect our southern border would be much more cost effective. If we used a  fraction of the amount of effort and money to foster and maintain good relations with our southern neighbor, good relations that unite us would prevail instead of a wall that by its very  nature divides. A united effort would secure our southern border for generations to come much better than any wall possibly could.

A wall across Texas is even more foolish considering  California, Arizona and New Mexico do not have the natural barrier of the Rio Grande. If a wall were to be built, it would have to be built on the Texas side of the Rio Grande, depriving  Texans from thousands of acres of fertile farmland, park land, and the gorgeous scenery, not to mention depriving us access to the Rio Grande itself.

Are we willing to give up our  sovereign right to free access of the Rio Grande in exchange for a wall?. If these are not enough reasons to oppose Trump and his Wall I will be more than happy to expand.

We Libertarians are often accused of being isolationist, yet nothing will isolate us more than a wall.


Immigration is a national issue, but building a border wall is also a Texas issue.  It is important that the Governor of Texas represent property owners along the Rio Grande when Trump threatens to violate their property rights and create an atmosphere of hostility with Mexico.  Like the other Libertarian candidates for this office, I join with them in objecting to the ineffective and costly building of a wall across Texas.  As Governor I will use the powers of the office to represent the interests of Texas in dealing with federal impact on our state.



Locking up people for marijuana production, possession, and use has resulted in a diversion of law enforcement resources into victimless crimes and an exploding prison population.  We do not need federal intrusion from Washington to dictate how we govern Texas.  As Governor I want law enforcement to be focused on crimes where people do harm to others.  By allowing peaceful people to live their lives in liberty we create a more peaceful world.  I would use the power of the office to oppose federal intrusion, including the possibility of nullifying unconstitutional actions through the appropriate means.



Libertarians know that we do not have a free market.  Increased control by government at all levels has resulted in cronyism and distortions to economic incentives.  The state Enterprise and Emerging Technology funds are examples of what should not exist in a free market.  As Libertarians we believe our tax dollars should not be used for corporate welfare to promote unsustainable growth.  We recognize that there are limited resources, and growth should occur when a free market balance between demand and supply makes it sustainable for the economy, the environment, and the population.  As Governor I would seek to eliminate policies that favor large corporations over small businesses and bring true free market approaches to the Texas economy.