About Mark Tippetts

Libertarian for Governor of Texas

“As Governor, I will oppose Trump and his wall”

My name is Mark Tippetts and I am asking you to support my nomination as the Libertarian Party candidate for Governor of Texas.

I am running to represent the Libertarian Party in a way you would be proud of. I do not want our party to be embarrassed when we are represented on the ballot. I want to present an appealing and positive message that is committed to Libertarian principles while bringing practical common sense proposals to the table. I want to help break the two-party duopoly and grow the Libertarian Party.

As a candidate for Governor of Texas, I think someone needs to be on the ballot that will oppose the embarrassing behavior of Donald Trump and his absurd attacks on immigrants and building of walls. I am bilingual and do a lot of business in Mexico. Making enemies with our neighbors and erecting walls between us is foolish.

In all matters, I do my best to give due consideration to all points of view and, above all,
follow common sense. I carefully listen to and consider all sides of any issue and always try to make intelligent, informed and sound decisions.

This is not my first rodeo. I represented the Libertarian Party on the ballot in 2010 for Travis County Judge. In 2017, I was appointed to city council in Lago Vista, Texas. I have been involved in three campaigns. I have had libertarian values and ideals my entire life.  I am not a newcomer.

I have a background in law, business, project development and project management. I have a Bachelors of Law and a Masters in Administration from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Over the past 30 years, I have established, developed and operated several companies, including a Hydro Electric Plant in Belize, Central America and a Law Firm in Monterrey, Mexico, which are both operational today. Throughout my career I have effectively communicated and successfully partnered with many private, and government entities, including: legal, engineering, environmental, electric and water commissions, natural resource departments, lands departments, road and bridge departments as well as municipalities and villages.  In the legal field, I have been successful in negotiating international grants, concessions, land leases, water rights, contracts, as well as litigating numerous cases.

Mark Tippetts Family

My wife, Jeri, teaches at Harbor Leadership Academy in Leander, Texas. Our eldest daughter, Jennifer, is an engineer, Emily and Melanie are in college, and our son Andrew is a senior at Lago Vista High School.

I realize you might not feel that you know me that well from one page of text and a photo. These videos of me from candidate forums may help (https://youtu.be/lK9kJ9N0gHs,
http://www.lagoradio.org/candidates/). Also, feel free to contact me at (361) 236-5599 or campaign@mark4gov.com.

I know that delegates to the 2018 state convention will have to make a very important choice. I need your help to put a principled Libertarian on the ballot to oppose Trump and grow the party.



PO Box 4918 Lago Vista, Texas 78645

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